A Blog About Sports Writing – the title says it all.


Like many avid sports fans, I thrive upon sports writing.  I first started working in the book publishing industry in New York in 2005.  In a small but punchy house, based in the Flatiron Building, I was privy to endless proposals from fantastically established writers that all handled sports in some way.  I also read the New York Times, which has a Sport section (so delightfully called ‘Sports’ – a point I still get a kick out of having come from a nation that only refers to Sport, singular), and which would regularly feature articles of note that happily explored the wider significance of sports to life itself.

In working on sports titles and recruiting writers from the sports arena, I’ve noticed that at times I blaze through sports books and aside from a few scribbled notes, never really register or celebrate publicly, the wealth of writing talent that sits within sports pages, blogs, and websites.

And so, A Blog About Sports Writing is just that.  A bit of fun, simply designed so I can log the books I’ve read (sports mainly, but there will be some surprises too!), and take a sporty view of them.   I hope this blog will become  a forum for the discussion of sports writing, sports, and as a delicious literary byproduct, of the very facets that make us human.


Let’s Play Ball!

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